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Top 5 Online Betting Games Revealed In India

by CRB

July 14, 2020

There is an increasing trend of online betting in India. With no legal constraint involved, the online gambling industry is thriving in India. Thus, the various online casino sites have been a haven for the Indians bettors.  

Online Betting

You can now gamble on a plethora of online casinos being safe and out of trouble. But before you gamble, you need to have a piece of good knowledge of the game that you are going to play.  

You will find different betting games if you log in to one of the casinos. If you are a newcomer, it could be tough for you to choose a game.

Also, if you are a regular player, you may want to know and explore other types of betting game.

So in this article, I have covered the needs of both types of player. Also, as an extra ingredient, I have added a brief game tutorial for your guidance.

Now, here is the list of top five betting games of India.

Let’s dive into it straightly.

1. Roulette 

Roulette is one of the awesome games played by Indian casino lovers.There are different versions of this game that you can play online. You can choose from Mini Roulette to American or European Roulette.  

Roulette consists of a revolving wheel with number compartments ranging from 0 to 36. You can place your bet on any number omitting zero on the roulette table.


The gameplay of roulette is super convenient. First, you have to buy online chips which could be placed as a bet on the roulette table. After placing your bet, a dealer revolves the roulette wheel with a ball in it. When both the roulette wheel and ball comes to rest, a player has to watch where the ball has landed. If the ball lands on your predicted number on the table, you will win.

There are different betting variations available in roulette. You can choose to place your bet either on a single number or various number groupings.

You could also place your bet on red or black, odd or even number or on high (19-36) or low (1-18) numbers.

2. Baccarat

This game is most suitable for those players who like to use less of their intellect. Like other betting games, it is all about luck and probability.

So you will have three options. Either place your bet on a banker, the player or a tie. All you have to do is to choose a side and watch the gameplay.

Usually, a dealer uses 6 to 8 decks of cards. Once the dealer deals all the cards on the table, you should calculate the points to find out the winner.


Only the one who gets close to nine points wins the hand. But if both the player and Banker end up with an exact point, the game results in a Tie. In this case, bets of both hands will be returned.

Many players place their bet on Banker because it is considered as a safe bet. Besides, it has a lower house edge of 1.06%.  

3. Dice Duel 

Dice duel is a dice rolling game where a player can bet on different outcomes.

This game starts with a presenter putting two coloured dice (Red and Blue) into a dice-box. Then, she shuffles and rolls the dices. Unless the roll has to be repeated, the dice are rolled only once during the draw. The outcome of the rested dice on the table determines the winner.

For that, the dice colour and combined sum of the pip number of two dice should match with your predicted bet.

Dice Duel

In online, you will have a chance to bet only on one betting round for all the available outcomes.

You can also place your bet for the upcoming draw. Please note that the betting round takes place during the game draws for 30 seconds. And you could re-bet after every successful draw.  

4. Wheel of Fortune 

Wheel of fortune (WOF) is a slot machine game which you can play online.

Here you can win huge prizes by using your instincts. WOF consists of a standard three-reel machine with typical symbols and pay lines.

A player can boost their luck through multipliers and bonuses. First, you have to place your bet on one of the reel symbols, i.e. 1,3,7,15,23, Joker, or Logo.

Wheel of Fortune

Then, after you press the Spin Symbol, the wheel rotates. After the wheel comes to rest, the marker on the top of it determines the winning symbol.

In WOF, a payout ratio for both Joker and Logo is 47:1 compared to other bets. And all the bets have the house advantages of 2.04%.  

5. Bet on Poker 

Bet on poker is one of the entertaining games that will keep you hooked throughout the game. It’s simple, uncomplicated and penetrable gameplay motivates the player to place their wager. Out of the six numbered players, you have to choose one hand.

Bet on Poker

As the game allows for in-progress betting, you can pick your chance even when the cards are dealt with. Moreover, there are different rules for this game. Let me enlist some of them here.

  • There is no folding option in the game. All six positions play till the end.
  • A player could either bet on the winning position or the poker value before dealing with the first card.
  • After the first round of betting, the dealer will deal with each position two cards face up.
  • Among the six bets, if two or more player ties, then the odds are paid in full.
  • The dealer will deal the flop after the second round of betting.
  • The dealer will deal the turn after the third round.
  • The odds are marked and checked for the final round of betting.


To sum up, you have an equal chance to win at any of the game we reviewed from the top. Make an ideal choice and remember the game rules.

As long as you have money to gamble, betting is not a big deal. But when it comes to winning or losing, your luck is all you have got.

Best of luck and happy betting!

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by CRB