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Super Sic-Bo Online Casino: A Complete Tutorial And Strategy

by CRB

July 16, 2020

Sic Bo is comparatively a new game to India. It is an ancient Chinese game played with three dice. The literal meaning of Sic Bo is a precious Dice. It is rapidly becoming one of the most popular online casino games in India. But for newcomers, there is always a question that comes to the fore – How to play Super Sic-Bo Online Casino in India? This guide will answer all your queries including the best strategy to win Super Sic Bo games online in India.

sic bo online

So, what is Sic Bo online casino game?

It is an easy gameplay. Its multiple betting options is one of the prominent factors for its popularity. It gives its players a good payout value for every bet they place.

Though based on luck as are other casino games, there are some caveats that can help you win more. This includes paying attention to winning probability, payout ratio, and house edge for each combination before you place your bet. Having knowledge of these factors can increase your possibility of winning big.

So without much ado, let’s dive into it.

How to Play Sic Bo online casino?

Sic Bo consists of a board with a complex and elaborative layout. The board contains different combinations of dice. First, you have to place your chips on the desired dice number or combination of numbers through your prediction. 

Quickly after this, the dealer shakes the dice in a sealed container. It allows the dice to fall on the table.  As the final outcome, if the combination of the three dice matches with your predicted number, then you will be instantly rewarded.

Sic Bo Tricks with different combination

A. Small and Big Bet

Most of the players bet on this type of betting combination. It is because of its highest winning probability of 48.61%. Also, the house edge is only 2.78%. In this betting option, either you have to make a small bet or a big bet. 

For Small bets, if the combined sum of the three dice shows one of your predicted numbers from 4 to 10, then you will be awarded. Similarly, for Big bets, the combined sum of the dice should be one of your predicted numbers from 11 to 17. If by any chance, you win this bet, you will win one unit for every unit you staked. However, if all the three dice show the same number, you will end up losing both types of bets

B. Double Bet

If you feel like, in the next roll, two out of the three dice will come up with same number, you can place a Double bet. If any two dice really come up with the identical number, you will win 10 units for every single unit you stake. But if the dice roll results to three identical numbers, you will lose your bet.

The winning probability for this combination is 7.4% and the house edge is 15.3%. 

C. Triple Bets

Among other bets, Triple Bets have the highest payout value. For every 1 unit you stake, it will pay you in between 180 to 190 units for the specific triple. You can bet on any specific triple from 1 to 6. And to win it, all the three dice should show the same number that you have predicted.

You can also bet on “Any Triple.” Without predicting any specific number, you can bet that all three dice will come up with same number. If you win this bet, you will receive 30 payout units for your 1 stake unit.

The house edge of this bet ranges from 11.57% to 30.09% according to different casino sites rules.

D. Total Bet

The total bet is the combined sum of the three dices. Even though the total ranges from 3 to 18, you are allowed to bet only on a Total of 4 to 17. Also, the payout on each total is different as it all depends on probability. For instance, if the sum total of the three dice comes out to be 4 or 17, the payout ratio for this bet will be 60:1 (i.e. 60 units per 1 unit staked). The house edge varies from 8.33% to 29.17% for this bet. 

E. Combination

A combination bet is one of the medium-risk Sic Bo Strategies. This is because you only need to bet on two specific numbers appearing in the three dice. And it should show a specific combination of two different numbers.

For example, 3 and 4 combination makes 7. Besides, the payout ratio for this bet is 6:1 (i.e. 6 units per 1 unit staked). The winning probability for this bet is 13.9%. Similarly, its house edge is 16.67 %.

F. Single Bet

In case of a single bet, you have to bet on a certain number which may appear on any of the three dices. Unlike other bets, it has a distinct feature. You can win different amounts with your single bet. Your winning amount depends on the reappearance of your chosen number on 3 dice.

For example, if your chosen number is 5 and it appears in only one dice, you will win one 1 unit per 1 stake. However, if 5 occur in two or three dices, you will be paid 2 or 3 units respectively for your single-digit stake.

This bet has a house advantage of 7.9% and the winning probability varies from 6.94% to 34.72%.

The above-mentioned Sic-Bo playing tutorials can greatly enhance your gaming experience. However, it is suggested to stay away from the hype regarding Sic Bo and mostly focus on medium-risk betting.

Though there can be different strategies to spice up your game; this game is purely based on your luck.

But remember, the amount of good luck coming your way depends on your willingness to act.

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by CRB