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How to Play Live Auto Roulette in India? 3 Winning Strategies for Beginners to Win Real Money

by CRB

July 14, 2020

Among the different variants of roulette, live Auto roulette is one of the immersive games widely played in Indian Online Casinos. 

Auto Roulette works on European Roulette model that consists of a single zero and 36 winning compartments. But in live Auto Roulette studio, players will see three Roulette wheels on a single space. 

Auto Roulette in India

Since the betting range is suitable for all types of players in Auto Roulette, you can choose to play in any of the wheels for your ease. You can either choose to play on Classic Auto-Roulette, Rapid Auto Roulette, or VIP Auto Roulette. 

The three Auto Roulette wheels have their betting range starting from 20 INR to 37,656 INR. So you can choose the one that meets your budget and proceed with the game. 

But before making your way into the game, you must know about the gaming rules and methods. Plus, there are some practical gaming strategies for Auto Roulette that will improve your probability to win more significant rewards. 

Thus, here in this article, you will get deeper insights about the Auto Roulette gameplay methods and strategy for your practical guidance. 

Now let us dive into it. 

How to play Auto Live Roulette? 

Here we have provided step-by-step playing guide for Live Auto Roulette in an Indian casino. 

  • To begin playing the live version of this game, first, you must join the online table through your registered account. Then you have to choose one of the wheels, i.e. Classic, Rapid or VIP Auto Roulette.
  • After choosing your desired wheel, you have to place your bet on your predicted number. Since Live Auto Roulette has a clean interface, you can easily place your bet on any of the desired numbers. 
  • The betting process takes place in real-time. So you have to bet in the exact time. Otherwise, you will miss the betting round. 
  • After adding your wagers to your desired section, you can place your chips on any number with just a single click. Then, you can hit spin when you are ready. 
  • After the spinning Roulette wheel stops and the ball comes to rest at one of your predicted numbers, you will be instantly rewarded.  
  • In case, if you win or lose, you can click on the repeat button to place the same bet. You can also switch between the wheels to play your next round. 
  • Since you can look at the screen to see the game statistics, you can choose to bet on any number analyzing the previous outcomes.  
  • Especially if you wish to manage your bankroll and don’t want to go for higher risk, you will enjoy betting on classic Auto Roulette. 
  • Similarly, if you would like to experience rapid gameplay, go for Rapid Auto Roulette. It shows the outcome in less than 40 seconds and refreshes the screen quickly for the next betting round. 
  • On the contrary, if you are a high-stake roller, you will enjoy playing VIP Auto Roulette. It is ideal for those who like to grab bigger rewards putting higher stakes. 
  • There is no restriction for any number of players to join the Auto Roulette table. Also, there is a live chat feature in this game where you can interact with other players and dealer in real-time.  

Auto Live Roulette Strategy:

There are some practical strategies in Auto Roulette that may work best for you. Please check out the following procedures listed below. 

Check out La partage and En prison rules: 

In La partage rule, you can make a 50/50 bet to reduce your loss. For example, you bet your 100 INR on any of the even money bet (outside bets like high-low, even-odd, red-black wagers that pay off even money). At this point, if the ball drops on zero, you will get your 50 INR back.  

According to this rule, you will get half of the losing stake if you bet on even money bet. But for this, the ball has to fall on zero compartment.

Although this rule may not sound sufficient to many players, it still manages to compensate some amount for the next round. 

Talking about En Prison rules, it works quite different than La partage rule. Suppose you bet 100 INR on black but the ball drops on zero. In this case, the house will imprison your bet, and you can play the next spin with the same bet. And in the next spin, if the ball falls on any black number, you will get back your 100 INR. But if the zero is followed by a red number, you will lose your full bet.

Both La Partage and En prison rules can be applied only for even money bets. Games under these rules reduce the house edge from 2.7% to 1.35%. 

Fibonacci System: 

It is one of the complex betting strategies developed by 13th-century Italian mathematician Leonardi Pisano Bigollo. This system works on the well-known Fibonacci sequence-1,1,3,3,5,8,13,21,34,55,89 and so on. 

Every number in the sequence sums up with each other to give next number in the sequence i.e. 1+1=2, 2+3= 5, 5+8=13 and so on. To apply this strategy in Auto Roulette, you have to start betting following the Fibonacci sequence.

For example, if you lose your first bet, say 1 INR, then you have to bet 1 INR again in the next round. Again if you lose your second round bet, you have to put 3 INR bet and so on 5, 8, and 13 INR until you register your first win. 

However, if you register your win in the first, second or third spin, then you should restart the betting sequence from the beginning. Since you can easily set your auto bet in Auto roulette, this strategy may prove best for you.

The Martingale System 

The Martingale system was named after John Henry Martindale. He was the owner of one of London’s casinos.

As this system explains, you start with minimum bet on the table and should double your bet after each loss so that when you eventually win, you can recover your loss. After the win, you can again start with the minimum bet. As an illustration, first, place your even money bet. In case you lose that bet, you will double your stake in the next round.

 Martingale system helps you to recover your loss while making substantial money from it. 


In general, if you wish to test your luck and win real money, Live Auto Roulette can be the best option for you. In Live Auto Roulette, you can boost your payout choosing to bet on any of the wheels that suit your betting needs. 

As Auto Roulette offers bigger payouts for your win, you can always try your luck in it. 

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