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A Sports Betting Alternative at the time of COVID

by CRB

August 10, 2020

Almost the whole world had to be in lockdown forcing business closures and prohibiting mass gatherings because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Although most countries in the world now have lifted their lockdowns, some types of businesses and events where social distancing can’t be done are still prohibited.

One of the sectors that are highly affected by the lockdown is sports as most of the sporting events have been canceled or postponed. Since sports betting is intimately intertwined with the sports, this has halted live sports betting and let down those gambling enthusiasts who love to watch and wager. The betting shops and land-based casinos are still closed due to the pandemic.

However, online casinos have remained untouched by the pandemic. As gambling in online casinos and online betting sites do not require a person to visit the place physically, online sites are operating normally and smoothly as always. Also, these sites have been growing their business more during the pandemic.

Online casinos and betting sites have been providing their services to their customers around the world. So, if you are a regular sports bettor and missing live sports betting, do not worry. There are other great options that you can try.

Here, we present you with some best alternatives to live sports betting that you can try at this time of coronavirus pandemic.

1. Online Esports betting

Esports are electronic sports in which real gamers compete with each other in video games. With technological advancement, esports gaming has gained massive popularity. And bettors from all around the world go online to enjoy live esports betting for real money.

Numerous sites are offering online esports betting to their customers. One of the best online betting sites in India is Bet4Plus which offers esports betting on various mind-blowing esports like Counter-Strike, Dota 2, and League of Legends.

With lively graphics and thrilling sound effects, esports provide you an amazing experience while watching the game with your money on stake.

During this pandemic, the gamers and bettors can enjoy online esports betting from the comfort of their homes without violating social distancing norm. So, esports betting is one of the best alternatives for sports betting enthusiasts, especially in these times.

2. Virtual Sports betting

If you have been a regular sports bettor and miss betting on sports, there is another option that excites you. Virtual sports betting allows you to have the experience as real as in real-life sports.

Virtual sports are computer-generated graphical representations of sports as inspired by real-life sports. Virtual sports betting which is also an online sports betting uses animated simulations of sports developed through advanced computer software and Random Number Generator for results.

The experience of watching and betting on virtual sports is not any lesser than that of real sports. The schedule of a match is created and bettors are welcomed for betting online. Then the audiences are allowed to watch and enjoy the game as if they are watching the real sporting events or tournaments.

Players can choose from various options like football, basketball, horse race, world cup, and other different popular leagues and tournaments. So virtual sports betting does not let you miss betting on live sports even during the pandemic.

3. Online casino games

Reportedly, online casinos are having increased numbers of active users during the pandemic. More people are spending more time on online casino games due to their comparatively more free time.

You can try on this adventure too. While sports betting is in halt for an indefinite period, try something new and exciting with online casino games. Here, you don’t just bet but play some games yourself too. So, online casino game is one of the best and exciting alternatives for sports betting at the time of COVID.

One of the best things about online casinos is that right after you sign up in a casino, you are welcomed with huge bonuses and free spins. You are offered other impressive bonuses occasionally during the game. So, you can try most of the games for free at the beginning in an online casino and check if the game is worth your time and real money.

This way, you can select any game of interest from various options. Baccarat, Roulette, Poker, Blackjack, Slots are some of the most popular casino games played by a large number of casino enthusiasts from all around the world. You can select the game of your interest and the one with the highest odds. If you can catch the right strategy, you can win a massive amount of money through online casino games.

You have hundreds of other options in online casinos to try your luck. So, wait no more, get into some new adventures.


Online casinos and betting sites have been playing a significant role in entertaining people by giving them their favorite pastime and by giving them some pleasing distractions during the threat of the pandemic.

Moreover, at the time of economic crisis, you can make some more money by gambling in online casinos and betting sites. There are hundreds of options to choose from online esports betting, virtual sports betting, and online casino games.

You do not have to get bored when you can have access to an online casino. So, follow the precautions against coronavirus. Keep yourself and your family safe by enjoying everything from your home.

Explore the online betting world and don’t let this Covid-19 pandemic take away your betting spirit. There is always an option for betting. So, maintain social distance, stay at home, and enjoy online betting.

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by CRB