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A complete Online Casino Glossary

A list of the most used terms in Online Casino Games.

by CRB

June 11, 2020

For many players who are starting in the casinos/online casinos world, the specific terms used in the context of different games can be the first obstacle to a deep knowledge of the rules and needs for each game.

For this reason, we prepared this online casino glossary where you can check the most used terms and know their meaning. Remember that when you play for real money, the knowledge of all elements of the game is the basic rule you should keep in mind. No element should surprise you when trying to win money at casinos.

The glossary with the most used terms in casinos

The bankroll refers to your balance. Your bankroll is the number of credits or money you have in your account and available to bet.

This term is used to designate the guy who places the highest bet on the table.

High Roller
A high roller is a player who usually places high bets.

Multi-deck is a card game played with more than a deck of cards.

This is the minimum amount of money a player needs to join a game.

A term used to refer to a casino or, in case of an online casino, game operator.

Mobile casino
Name used to refer to a mobile and responsive version of a casino’s website or app.

The Dealer is the person responsible for the table. Distributes the cards and coordinates the game and its pace.

Free Spins
A term widely used in Slot Machines. As the name suggests, you are allowed to spin without having to spend any money on it.

It is a demo game in which it is possible to simulate moves and get to know how the game works.

It is probabilities. A term widely used insports betting. It represents the chance of winning or losing and often also refers to the payment amount.

It is a common term in games like Poker. The pot means the amount of money in the table. Represents the sum of all bets placed during a single round.

House edge
Represents the mathematical winning advantage that the casino has over the player. Usually expressed as a percentage.

VIP Club
Both casinos and online casinos have a VIP club for their most loyal players.

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by CRB